Spotify Premium APK Free v8.7 Download 2022 [Working]

Spotify Premium APK Free Download 2022: Spotify is one of the best music applications that allows listening to music with a huge number of users. This service was launched in the year of October 2008. Since, then it has gained popularity among music lovers, with a huge collection of songs. Spotify premium apk makes its users enjoy music happily by providing more than 20 million songs.

Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify premium apk is easy to download and is free of cost for most of the features. So everyone wishes to download this application on their devices. This application is compatible with the devices that run on the operating systems of Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. So Spotify premium app can be downloaded on smartphones, desktops, laptops, Apple IOS devices, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Windows phone and even on tablets.

Spotify Premium APK Free Download for Android [Latest, Working, 2019]

Version Info

Updated October 12, 2019
Installs 100,000,000+
Current Version 8.5
Size 35.45MB
Requires Android 4.1+ (SDK 16)
Developer Spotify Ltd.
Content Rating Rated for 12+
Task Music

Free Download Spotify Premium APK:

We are providing free download Spotify premium apk, from here you can download for Android. You can download from link is recently updated. If any error then comments, We will fix the link as soon as possible.

The Latest Version Of Spotify Premium FREE

Spotify Premium APK v8.5.14.752 Moded (30.9 MB) [Arm]
Spotify Premium APK v8.5.14.752 Moded (31.8 MB) [Arm 64]

How to Listen to Songs & Unlimited Free Music On Spotify

Spotify premium apk has a lot of features that are not available in its free version. This Spotify music is version v8.4.19.792 for android which has a file size of approx 36.27 MB. Its Spotify Music player app, extension available for Android, Apple IOS, Windows 7 / 8 / XP / 10, Mac OS users for listening to their favorite songs.
Spotify Premium Apk

Where You Can Enjoy Music With One Premium Spotify Account

  1. Mobile
  2. Computer
  3. Tablet
  4. Car
  5. Speaker
  6. PlayStation
  7. Tv
  8. Web Player

Best features of Spotify premium apk

Spotify premium app is one of the online music streaming application, has got many best features in it. This application allows its users to listen to any of the songs even in offline mode. It need not necessary to be in online all the time to use this application, just it is required to save the music and listen offline. Here we list out some of the top features of Spotify premium apk.

  1. Unlock Shuffling

One of the best features of Spotify premium application is that it can easily unlock shuffling when required. In case if any of the songs are in a shuffling manner, at that time this option is used.

  1. User-friendly interface

Spotify premium application has got a friendly user interface that engages the user to use without difficulty. Its friendly interface has made this application so popular. The shortcuts in this application make it much easier to navigate for the users from one link to the other.

  1. Unlocks seeking and repeating

This application allows its users to unlock seeking as well as repeating. So that users can enjoy listening to their favorite song again and again even without playing each time.

  1. Unlimited downloading

There are no restrictions on a number of songs to be downloaded on the device even though they are free. It also got the option of sharing the playlist which contains saved as well as favorite songs that can be shared with friends.

  1. Unlimited skips

This application has been designed with unlimited skips, so that whenever a user does not like any song, just they can skip it without any problem.

  1. Ads-free

Spotify premium application does not interfere or irritates its users with ads. Hence, its ads-free nature makes users choose this application for listening to music or downloading their favorite songs.

  1. Unlocks track selection

The other feature of Spotify premium application is that it makes easier to unlock the track selection and can listen any of the track as per the desire of the user.

  1. Bypass DRM

Spotify premium application has got another best feature that is bypass DRM, making it much easier for the user to use it.

  1. Free on any device

Spotify premium application can be downloaded on any device that is laptop, mobile, tablet or computer and listens to the songs for free. This is one of the best advantages which attract a huge number of users.

  1. Listen in offline

This application makes it simpler to download and listen to the songs not only in online mode but also in offline mode.

  1. Good sound quality

Spotify premium apk offers its users to listen to songs with clear and perfect sound quality.

  1. No commitment

This application can be uninstalled as and when the user does not likes to use it anymore. There is no commitment required for the usage of this application.

Features added to the new version of Spotify premium application

Spotify premium application is updated in order to make it more efficient and easy to use for the customers. The updated version of this application is attracting more number of users. Hence, the number of downloads for this latest version has increased. Here we list out the features that are added new to this application.

  1. This version allows choosing any song from the list as per user wish and listening to it.
  2. There is no restriction on the number of times to shuffle.
  3. In this version, they enabled repeating and seeking an option for better usage.
  4. This version of the application allows audio to use it up to the extreme.
  5. It also updated the blocking of audio as well as video ads while using this application.
  6. It also with the unlocking of Spotify connect.
  7. In its design seek Fwd button is added to the information tab.

How to download Spotify Premium APK

1. First of all Open Google Play Store and download the Spotify APK for your Android device but the best option for downloading is to get through the link to the Spotify app.

2.  Click on the Play Store for downloading the app. Now, wait till the download gets completed.

3.  When completing the downloading process. and look for Spotify downloaded files.

4. Click on the downloaded file to open it.

The process to install Spotify Premium apk version 8.4

Though most of the users are using Spotify premium apk on their devices, it is better to update it with the new version. Even users can uninstall the older version of the application and install the new one. So it is essential to install in step-by-step process very carefully without making any errors. Here we list out the procedure to install Spotify premium apk version 8.4.

  1. First and the foremost step is to visit the official website of Spotify application.
  2. Then search for the latest version of the application that is Spotify premium apk 8.4.
  3. Once you find the required version, just click on the download button present below this.
  4. Once the application is downloaded the next step is to search where the application is saved on your device.
  5. Then the next step is to open it.
  6. Now there will be continuous messages where the user needs to agree and grant all the required permissions asked by the application.
  7. Then the updated version of the application gets installed on your device.
  8. The very next step in the process is to register and create a Spotify account with your required details which are free of cost.
  9. Once the process of registration is completed, just sign in to the account using login credentials.
  10. Now your user account has been created then search the song of your wish either stream it online or download and listen to it.

Some of the important points of Spotify premium apk

Once the Spotify premium apk is installed on your device, you can enjoy listening to the music. But being the users, generally, everyone gets some doubts. They must be cleared and then only it becomes easy to use this application without any trouble. Here we list some of the questions frequently asked by the users.

  • Which is the best network connection to use Spotify premium application?

There is no restriction that the Spotify application should be connected through a particular network connection. It can be used with the help of WiFi or any mobile network or even through the modem.

  • What is the minimum speed required to connect to this application?

The minimum speed required for connecting the Spotify application is 384 kbps, but still, 512kbps is the standard one, hence it is recommended to use.

  • Do the songs playlist create deletes once the user signs off the account?

Once a playlist is created in your account and saved it in the application, even though you log off, it will not be deleted. Whenever you again sign in to the account the songs will be ready to play.

  • If the password is forgotten then is it possible to reset?

Yes, it is always possible to reset the password. In case, if you forget your password, just click on the link forgot password. Then it asks for the email, enter the one with which you have created the account. In the inbox of your mail, you can find the link to reset the password.

  • Is using this application legal or illegal?

There is no problem in using this application because it is completely legal and all the documents are present in it.

  • Is this application available to download and install on any particular device?

As we have mentioned already in the article, this application can be downloaded and installed on all the devices. Those are windows, mac, android, Linux or iOS operating systems. Hence, there is no need to worry about it at all.

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Spotify Premium APK Free

In this article, we have gone through all the required information about Spotify premium apk. Here we have listed how this application engages the user by allowing them to listen to their favorite music either by streaming it online or just by downloading them. They can take their own time and listen as per their feasibility. All the features of the application and the newly added feature in the latest application are listed above. Here we have even mentioned the step-by-step procedure to download and install the application on all the devices. It is easy to download the free version, but for the premium version, it is essential to pay the required amount. So, enjoy listening to your favorite album or artist song and stay happy by downloading this application. To download this application it is essential to visit the official website instead of visiting third-party sites.